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Word of the Day: English

phlegmatic (adj.)

Someone who is phlegmatic is generally calm and does not get excited easily.

Mot du jour: Francais

Atterrir (v.)

Arriver au sol ou en contact avec la terre, utilisé pour les avions et les bateaux

Wort des Tages: Deutsch

feilschen (verb)

Mit einem Verkäfer um den Preis verhandeln

Who are we?

If you want to learn a langauge with us you probably also want to know who we are and why we decided to open yet another language school. Most importantly, we are proud to be able to call ourselves a family-run business, because that's what we are. a family. Almost every member in our family is a language teacher or at least work in the language industry. A few of us, Kiki, Matt and Franzi, decided to open our own institute after having finished relevant training (University, CELTA, DaF/DaZ Certificate) and working for other schools. This happened not only because we didn't like all the traditional methods, but also because we felt that the personal aspect was often simply not sufficient. We know all our students on a first-name basis, organise regular events and welcome people into our family. The professional aspect is nevertheless still of uomost importance of course, and we have got our certificates, our success and our collaboration with the city to prove that.

4 years ago we opened our doors and have been growing ever since. We now employ other teachers for the languages German, Italian, Spanish and English. We have also managed to find amazing partners to work with, such as Life in Dusseldorf and the BŸcherbummel-team. It's all about people for us and that's why we love working with new partners and collaborations.

We'd love to chat with you and meet you at one of our events, in the school or through our partners. See you then!


Kronprinzenstraße 82-84
40217 Düsseldorf

Telefon: 0049-211-92416416